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By Office of Governor Brian P. Kemp |

$8.43 Billion, 24,000+ Jobs from Economic Development Projects During First Three Quarters of Fiscal Year

Gov. Brian P. Kemp, in conjunction with the GDEcD, today announced that more than 24,000 jobs were created across all regions of the state...

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By Zachary Crockett, The Hustle |

Why Delaware is the sexiest place in America to incorporate a company

Nearly 1.5m companies are incorporated in Delaware. How did this tiny state become a mecca for corporate activity? Take a look at any given...

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By Maddy Osman, HubSpot |

The Ultimate List of Web-Safe HTML and CSS Fonts

Believe it or not, your website’s font is part of your marketing message. More specifically, it plays a crucial role in creating a unique...

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By Barbara Krasnoff, The Verge |

How to check if you’re part of the Facebook data breach

By now, you have probably heard of the huge Facebook data breach, in which upwards of 533 million Facebook users from 106 countries had...

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By Carolina Milanesi, Forbes |

Microsoft's Remote Trend Index Draws From 2020 For A Better Future Of Work

Today Microsoft announced the findings from its first annual Work Trend Index. Titled "The Next Great Disruption is Hybrid Work – Are We...

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By Barath Raghavan, Bruce Schneier, WIRED |

Bitcoin’s Greatest Feature Is Also Its Existential Threat

The cryptocurrency depends on the integrity of the blockchain. But China’s censors, the FBI, or powerful corporations could fragment it into...

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By Allie Decker, HubSpot |

Everything You Need to Know About the Principles and Types of Design

Learn about the principles and types of design and how to apply them to your marketing collateral. Furniture. Clothing. Software. Posters....

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By DelPhi Communications |

The new site for the South Fulton Chamber of Commerce is LIVE

We're so happy to announce the launch of the new South Fulton Chamber of Commerce website powered, managed, and hosted by DelPhi...

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By Casey Newton, The Verge |

Social networks are finally competitive again

Facebook’s surprising new challengers across audio, video, photos, and text. Lately, the consumer internet — that set of products devoted to...

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By Catherine Shu, Tech Crunch |

Facebook to restore news sharing in Australia after government amends proposed law

Facebook said it will begin restoring news sharing to Australian users’ feeds in “the coming days” after reaching an agreement with the...

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