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By Jordan Crook |

LinkedIn adds voice messaging because we’ve definitely been clamoring for that

In a truly bizarre move, LinkedIn is adding voice messages to the professional networking platform. The voice recording feature, which will...

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By Romain Dillet |

Facebook officially loses $123 billion in value

In what could be the biggest one-day drop of all time, Facebook shares opened at $174.89, down 19.6 percent compared to yesterday’s closing...

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By DelPhi |

DelPhi now stretches Coast-to-Coast with the Vernon Chamber of Commerce

We are proud to announce the launch of our newest member, the Vernon Chamber of Commerce located in Vernon, California! Check them out now!

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By Ingrid Lunden |

Amazon’s share of the US e-commerce market is now 49%, or 5% of all retail spend

Amazon has already been in the crosshairs of the White House when it comes to threats of antitrust investigations, and while some say this...

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By DelPhi |

DelPhi Launches Newest Member of its Family: Emanuel Medical Center

We are proud to announce the launch of our newest client, the Emanuel Medical Center located in Swainsboro, Georgia! Check them out now!

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By Stan Horaczek |

On the 10th anniversary of the App store, it’s time to delete most of your apps

“This is a catastrophe,” my wife said—slightly horrified—as she swiped through page after page of apps on my phone. “Why do you even have...

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By Josie Colt |

How To Free Up Space on Your iPhone

Don't let limited storage stop you from taking another Instagram-worthy photo or downloading another album to listen to on the go. It's easy...

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By Sarah Perez |

Instagram officially launches re-sharing of posts to Stories

No, it's not a "regram" option. Sorry! But today, Instagram is officially launching a new feature that will allow users to re-share...

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By Alex Kantrowitz |

Twitter Is Going To Limit The Visibility Of Tweets From People Behaving Badly

Act like a jerk, and Twitter will start limiting how often your tweets show up. On Tuesday, Twitter announced a massive change to the way...

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By Tom Metcalf |

Bunkers for the Wealthy Are Said to Hoard $10 Billion of Bitcoin

Behind the guards, the blast doors and down corridors of reinforced concrete, sit the encrypted computer servers -- connected to nothing --...

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