DelPhi Communications and the Georgia Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives renews partnership

By DelPhi Communications, Inc. |

In April, the Georgia Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (GACCE) Board of Directors agreed to extend its partnership with DelPhi Communications, which will include the development of a fully redesigned website and additional Web features and capabilities to enhance GACCE operations online.

Tiffany Fulmer Ott, Executive Director of GACCE, states, “We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Brent and his team with DelPhi Communications.  We will be launching an updated website soon, and we’re proud to be working with DelPhi now and in the years to come.”

Further, DelPhi has renewed its Executive Partner Program that will provide financial assistance to those chambers of commerce who are current or new DelPhi clients, as well as active members of GACCE.  This partnership has now surpassed 12 years and continually strengthens as both DelPhi and GACCE work together to provide the best online services for its member chambers. “Call it building a legacy.  It’s been humbling for sure and I’m proud of our relationship with GACCE,” says Brent Seyler, CEO of DelPhi Communications.

For more information on DelPhi Communications and the Executive Partnership Program, CLICK HERE.