DelPhi now offers website accessibility technologies for site visitors with disabilities

By DelPhi Communications, Inc. |

One-in-five visitors have some varying degree of disability that requires accommodations to use your website. DelPhi will now install the right technology for our clients provided by Userway® to ensure those accommodations are met.

The numbers don't lie.  In the United States* alone your site may be inaccessible to those who are:

  • Disabled (1 in 5).
  • Visually impaired (8.1 million).
  • Blind (2 million).
  • Auditory impaired (7.6 million).
  • Suffer seizures or epilepsy (2.2 million)**
  • Motor impaired, trouble grasping or can't use a mouse (19.9 million)


*Statistics are from the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC).
**Statistics are from the United States Epilepsy Foundation.


The Userway®widget is a one-time installation and is updated automatically with the latest accessibility features to fulfill the criteria from WCAG, ADA, and Section 508 in order to avoid legal exposure.

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