DelPhi launches East Parker Chamber's redesigned and updated site

By DelPhi Communications |

We decided to interview the East Parker Chamber's Director of Marketing & Events to get some feedback once we completed the redesign and update process. We couldn't be happier with what we received.

Our Q&A with Staci Markwardt, Director of Marketing & Events, East Parker County Chamber of Commerce.  To check our their new site, CLICK HERE.

What issue(s) were you trying to solve with a redesign?

Our former website was older and did not have the technological advances of websites today.  Also, we needed to have a more effective design to improve navigation and useability, strengthen our brand, and increase SEO.

Was the process difficult to manage?

Redesigning our website took time and could have easily overwhelmed our team.  The DelPhi team was with us every step of the way making the process easy to manage.   Even when we would run into issues, they would work quickly to find the best solution for us.  It was a very positive experience.

Why have you chosen to stay with DelPhi since June 2010?

We have stayed with DelPhi for 9 years because they are knowledgeable, always stay ahead of the game with technology, are easy to work with, and always produce great results.

What has exceeded your expectations since working with DelPhi?

I have been through the redesign process several times with other companies and there are many ways DelPhi has stood out.  First, they listen.  Brent and his team took the time to find out what we needed before jumping in.  Second, they are patient.  The redesign process can be quite complicated and there are always changes.  Never did DelPhi make us feel like we were a bother.  Third, they are always available.  Emails and phone calls are always returned promptly.  They made us feel like we were their top priority. And lastly, their work is top notch.